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Our Vision to Ensure Transformation in the Construction Industry

Vision Properties Development Corporation (VPDC) had a recent discussion with Barry Paulino, the Executive Director of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) to discuss the future of the construction industry of the country. As a part of this discussion, special attention was paid to discovering the importance of upgrading and upskilling to the employees who work at VPDC as well.

The world continues to accelerate based on globalization. All industries out there tend to seek the assistance of the latest available technologies to ensure higher levels of efficiency and productivity. Moreover, technological advancements can cater to some of the evolving needs of both global and domestic markets.

As of now, around 7.1 million people in the Philippines are working in the construction industry. They are equipped with professional competencies and skills, which help them to incorporate modern technologies into the day-to-day work that they do. This would eventually help them to boost their productivity.


Even though PCA had to deal with numerous negative consequences created by the global pandemic, it is catching up with its transformation initiatives rapidly. They have discovered that both employees and companies in the construction industry should embrace change and work accordingly. This is why they actively support the implementation of new systems, tools, and programs, which will provide continuous growth, development, and learning opportunities for people in the construction industry.

Due to the presence of online learning opportunities, it would be possible for the VPDC employees to continue upskilling themselves continuously. Mr. Paulino encourages all of them to take part in the online webinars and continue to improve their skills regularly. This will eventually assist them to stay ahead of industry innovations and contribute towards what they do with their fullest potential.


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