Let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business.

BUILK is the first free web-based application designed for SMEs construction businesses in Asia under the concept of transforming this industry into the digital world. Now, we have more than 25,000 companies and around 50,000 users all over Southeast Asian. Our headquarter is in Bangkok, Thailand and we have 2 more branches, in Yankung, Myanmar and the newest one in Manila, Philippines.


Our mission of BUILK is to connect all contactors from Thailand and even from all of Asia with technology transformation. Everyone can connect with technology and application and build a stronger community in our industry.

BUILK digitized Thai contractor and will digitize Filipino contractor.

It has been 10 years for BUILK to prove that the construction industry is not a low-tech industry like everyone understands. Contractor can digitize and start using an online platform or software to manage their construction business like BUILK, is a free online cost control software. Contractor can monitor their cost in real-time anywhere in the world, create documents like PO, Quotation, Invoice, or other reports from BUILK for free. We have a 10 year of success in Thailand, So now we believe that the Philippines is our next success destination.

Power of BUILK

This is an example of BUILK in 2018. There are 25,000 companies using BUILK around Soth East Asia. More than 10% of the users are the regular users that using BUILK for control cost, which is around 3,000 companies. We consider these users as our BUILK PRO NETWORK users, around 80% of our pro users are Main Constructor, 8% are Real Estate Developer, 3% are Subcontractor, and the other 9% are architect, designer, or consultant. Overall there are generated around 48.6M Baht per year.

Construction Community

Our users in BUILK are contractor that owns the construction business. Our software is suitable for those SMEs or small to medium construction business. Builk has a feature that our users can chat or take to each other and we have an event every month that brings these contractors togarther, to make a good connection and bigger community for BUILK.

BUILK business Model

100% free software as a service for the contractor to control their business cost.

Builk teaches contractors to manage their work, has a system to manage their business. To increase work efficiency and reduce the risk of doing business.

When many users using BUilk, we gain more data from them. We call these as Big data, which we can analyze this data and using this information to improve our community. Builk sees the data in real-time, so we know which construction materials are needed to supply at that time.

Builk using the benefit and power of big data to create a B2B market place as an e-Commerce platform for the construction industry.

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B2B Marketing is different and more complicated than B2C since it a way to communicate from business or company to another company while targeting specific industries like construction. With more than 10 years of experiences, Builk works closely with the contractor, know their pain point, understand their mindset, and speak the same languages as them. Our target audience is SMEs construction business that has the average an annual income around 10M -1,000M Peso.

Let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business.

Become our sponsor for our online workshop and software and let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business.

Our sponsor package starts with only PHP 1,000.00, and your business and product will be featured in our online workshop and software platform with more than 2,000 users in the Philippines. Our B2B marketing tools that Builk can offer you have 3 main part which is 1. Online Marketing 2. Offline Marketing and 3. Market Insight.

1. ONLINE Marketing

Facebook Product Post + Boosted

Our Facebook page: Builk Philippines as contractor all around the Philippines liked our page. We share knowledge, updates news about our industry, to create shareable content / viral content.

Advertising on Builk

Our cost control software has space for online advertising. Our users are contactors, so the advertising is targeting and directing to them when they using the software.

Email Blast to all our users

Our user

2. MARKET Insight

Opportunity Report, Market Share และ Competitor Analysis

Builk analyzed our big data to find the opportunity to sell while looking at competitor Analysis of the market share.

Annual Market Survey

Builk do an online survey to the contractor in the philippine to get real-time and insightful data.

“Builk is not just free software for control cost, but we are Construction Marketing Experts.”

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