BUILK Pro Network of the month! – June 2019 - BUILK Philippines

BUILK Pro Network of the month! – June 2019

BUILK PRO NETWORK of the month! – June 2019

Celebrating our new Pro Network users of the month. In June 2019 we have 5 new Pro Network users from BUILK Philippines, which guarantee from BUILK that these construction businesses work smart and have a good management system. BUILK are proud to present that PRO NETWORK users are reliable and professional contractors, as they have a reliable system (BUILK) to manage their cost and control their budget.


1. Alchedy Construction Inc

2. IPSUM Power Technologies Corporation

3. JKonst INC. 

4. Lacanilao Construction and Development Corporation

5. Tiara Anoui Psalm Construction Engineering Services


BUILK PRO NETWORK is the qualification for construction business (Builk User) guarantee from BUILK that your company work smart and has a good management system!

In addition, BUILK PRO NETWORK will granted special privileges from our sponsors and partners. You will get a special discount when buying construction materials from Yello, and our partners.

Moreover, with pro network badge appear on your company profile on Builk, will gain more credibility to the company and increasing the chance for business contacts in the Philippines contractor’s community. Learn more about BUILK PRO NETWORK HERE.

How to become PRO NETWORK

1. More than 100 POs approved and allocated.
2. Update your Company Profile.
3. Use BUILK regularly.

That’s it, So easy, isn’t it? Do it now and get your benefits!

Privileges from BUILK.

  • Unlock 3 more reports.
  • Get a special promotion from our partners.
  • Get pro network badge on the company profile.
  • Become a recommended contractors on BUILK.
  • Features on our website and social media as PRO NETWORK of the months.

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