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Construction Materials Trends in 2022: What’s Happening This Year?

Construction Materials Trend in 2022

Construction Materials Trends in 2022: What’s Happening This Year?

In the construction industry, the need for innovations in materials and processes is always present. Plenty of things can change the numbers in the market and the industry. That’s why, it’s important that we in the industry keep up with what’s growing, what’s trending, and what’s declining when it comes to construction materials so that we too, can take advantage of them. Down below, we’ve listed for you the construction materials trends in 2022.

Offsite Fabrication

Offsite fabrication is the process of assembling components of a structure away from the construction site. The assembly team will have to address any mistakes off-site before they ship it to the main location. However, this also allows for easier construction with more efficiency. 

With this form of fabrication, plenty of construction materials used in it are required to be in highly specific sizes and dimensions depending on what is being assembled. The logistics and transport are likely to send construction materials to the assembly sites rather than the main construction site.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Due to the versatility of augmented reality, there can be many applications with it in the construction industry. AR allows for better project management in real time, allowing the project planners to see if there is anything wrong before it’s too late. This can prevent very costly reworks that consume so much time and resources such as construction materials. With AR, project leads may communicate any required changes to the plan almost instantly.

Green Architecture

One of the construction materials trends in 2022 here in the Philippines is green architecture. The Philippine Energy Efficiency Project promotes energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. While progress is slow, it is likely to pick up in the following years if given public and government support. Engineers can only pull off green architecture with the right kind of construction materials that allow for it to happen.

Prices Ease in the Philippines as of August

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) noted that the increase in the wholesale prices of construction materials continued to slow down as of August much like the previous month. It reached a 10-year high last June, at an 8.9% increase, but this August it has slowed down to 7.0%. The PSA stated that this is mainly due to the downtrend in reinforcing and structural steel at 10.7%. 


With the growing trends in AR, offsite fabrication, and green architecture as well as the changes to the wholesale prices of construction materials, we should take note always of what is affecting the construction industry, either positively or negatively. With the right information in our hands, we can ensure that we make not only the right choices, but that we take even better options when it comes to our projects. 

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