Let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business. - BUILK Philippines

Let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business.

Become our sponsor, This is what we do for B2B Construction Marketing.

B2B Marketing is different and more complicated than B2C since it a way to communicate from business or company to another company while targeting specific industries like construction. With more than 10 years of experiences, Builk works closely with the contractor, know their pain point, understand their mindset, and speak the same languages as them. Learn more about what is BUILK click here.

Let BUILK do a B2B construction marketing for your business. Click here.

Our B2B marketing tools that Builk can offer you have 3 main part which is 1. Online Marketing 2. Offline Marketing and 3. Market Insight.

1. ONLINE Marketing


We can creatively write a boring blog to fun and easy to understand content with product knowledge and real testimonial.


Facebook Post + Boosted

Our Facebook page: Builk Philippines as contractor all around the Philippines liked our page. We share knowledge, updates news about our industry, to create shareable content / viral content.

Advertising on Builk

Our cost control software has space for online advertising. Our users are contactors, so the advertising is targeting and directing to them when they using the software.

2. OFFLINE Marketing

Builk is not just an online platform for contractors to use for free, but we are number one construction community. In one year, we held so many events for contractors, such as.


The biggest event for the construction industry, We have more than 3,000 people attended our event last year in Bangkok Thailand.


Free Builk training for the contractor. We have this event every month in the Philippines and around 30-50 contractors attend each time.


Office and site visit.

We visit our Builk user office to train them to use Builk and how to manage their business.




3. MARKET Insight

Opportunity Report, Market Share และ Competitor Analysis

Builk analyzed our big data to find the opportunity to sell while looking at competitor Analysis of the market share.


Annual Market Survey

Builk do an online survey to the contractor in the philippine to get real-time and insightful data.

“Builk is not just free software for control cost, but we are Construction Marketing Experts.”

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