Himel: Realiable Made Affordable, attended GoBUILK by SCGM at Pampanga. - BUILK Philippines

Himel: Realiable Made Affordable, attended GoBUILK by SCGM at Pampanga.

We are so honoured that Himel has become one of our sponsors for GoBUILK by SCG Marketing and has become part of building a stronger community for contractors. We are so thankful that Himel decided to join BUILK and want to bring this community to the new era of digitalization. Join our community at https://builkph.com and learn how to control cost for construction business for free! 



The purpose of GoBUILK is to create a strong community for small to medium contractors in the Philippines while learning how to manage and control their construction cost for free with BUILK software. BUILK is 100% free cost control online software designed especially for contractors. So we are so glad to have a global brand like Himel comes help make us a better community. 


Himel is a global brand 

that produces the best combination of affordable and reliable products. Himel was founded by a Spanish entrepreneur in 1933. First a radio manufacturer, the company started in 1958 to produce industrial enclosures. In 1976, it then pioneered in exporting quality enclosures, establishing Himel brand globally. 

Today, our global footprint and technology allows to provide the best combination of affordable and reliable offers for low voltage power distribution, industry automation and home electric in over 50 countries where we are present. 

Himel: Reliable 

We’re committed to providing innovative solutions that address the energy paradox: balancing our planet’s carbon footprint with the irrefutable human right to quality energy 

Himel: Affordable 

Qualified energy doesn’t have to come with high cost. We are devoted to provide customers qualified products with affordable costs 

Here are what Himel has to offer to you all! 

Power Distribution Panel